Drop #3: Borsh Inspector

Borsh Inspector

Borsh is a commonly used data serialization library for Solana programs. It is the default serializer used by Anchor, the most popular framework for building on Solana. So we built a web-based tool to define a Borsh layout and inspect the contents of a Solana account.

It is common to serialize data using a convenient and easily human-readable format, e.g. JSON. However, the compute requirements of blockchains require optimizations for machines, not humans. Unfortunately, this makes inspecting the data more difficult.

We have tools to easily define a layout and inspect the contents of a Solana account. However, these tools require setup, a development environment, etc. We thought it would be convenient for others to have the same opportunity to tinker.

Available now on devnet and mainnet-beta, hope you enjoy. Here’s a sample Token account: https://borsh.m2.xyz/address/3emsAVdmGKERb

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