Drop #1: Instamint

TLDR: Drag-n-drop mint anything as an NFT with Instamint.


Our overarching goal at M2 Labs is to help increase the adoption of Web3. And we feel strongly that the best way to accomplish this goal is by vastly improving the User Experience (UX) across the crypto ecosystem. Each of our projects is aimed at improving crypto UX by making things easier, more understandable, faster, and more applicable to the world we live in.

As such, we’ve been seeing a changing tide for quite some time. Creators and consumers alike are opting out of centralized platforms and demanding ownership and control of their own work and content. Consumers want to interact directly with the creators and brands of their choosing, without being bombarded with ads.

This change is poised to have profound effects on the apps and services we use every day, and Web3 is in a great position to capture this growing audience.

So today we’re dropping our first (mini) project, something we call Instamint. Instamint allows anyone to instantly create an NFT without writing code and without paying hundreds of dollars in fees (at the time of this post, minting an NFT on Instamint costs about 40 cents USD). If you’re not into creating, you can always browse anyone’s NFT collection by searching their address or solana domain name.

It’s built on Solana for speed and low fees, Arweave for permanent low-cost storage, and uses the Metaplex standard for NFT Metadata for interoperability across all Solana wallets and apps.

While still in its infancy, it is a baby-step towards something much larger.

Give Instamint a try and let us know what you think. And be sure to show us what you've minted! We’re on twitter at @m2__labs, and if you hit any issues, feel free to toss them into our public issuer tracker on Github.

M2 Labs is an experienced team of full-stack crypto developers building dapps, smart contracts, and tools to help advance Web3. Get in touch with us at m2.xyz.